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"I don’t want to move until You tell me to move. I don’t want to step ahead of You. So until then Lord, please help me to be still."

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"I just wanted to say, you are amazing. I absolutely love your blog and your faith in christ is "wow" <3 I love how you are spreading the good news through the internet. I've been lacking in that even though I am a christian myself. I do pray that god will continue to work within me and help me spread his word, reaching out to those that are yet to be saved. I just wanted to say, I will keep you in my prayers because you're amazing! -Your fellow sister in christ <3"

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! It is much needed :)

& I admire your desire to reach those that have yet to be saved. My prayer for you is that you would continue to grow more & more in Christ every day in such a way that you will be able to reach people thru the way you live & the light you shine in their lives <3


The lynch mob doesn’t want truth. It doesn’t want redemption or righteousness either. With the shame of the woman they had tasted blood. Now they wouldn’t back down until their desire was satiated. No word could hold them back. They would press Jesus till they had what they wanted. But then Jesus spoke a word they had not expected. It was a heaven-sent word. It was a word rooted in truth and a word that struck their very soul. They knew they were not sinless. This word of truth penetrated to the hearts of those who were mature and knew both life and law. As Jesus glanced away to write in the dust, he gave them permission to leave without being shown up. For a brief moment, righteousness triumphed over hatred and self-importance. Those who were younger followed the example of the older men, leaving the woman protected and safe with Jesus. Redemption in action. The Gospel portrayed before our very eyes. Jesus takes the hate of hell and our own sin and turns back the foe, leaving us safe and in his presence.

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"Just as your physical life is dependent upon your vital signs, so your spiritual life is dependent on spending regular, quiet time with God."

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"I have given God countless reasons not to love me. None of them has been strong enough to change Him."

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